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The Phoenix Rises: The Return of Rock 1.11 The Hits

Updated: Apr 2

The Original 2 Brothers Radio Logo

In a world where the digital revolution has reshaped the landscape of music and broadcasting, the tale of Rock 1.11 The Hits stands as a testament to resilience, passion, and the unyielding power of rock. Founded in 2009 as 2 Brothers Radio by Skyler and Trevar Salva in Tucker, GA, this internet radio station became a beacon for millennials, offering a variety of rock music that spoke to the soul of a generation. Initially, Skyler, with a vision as expansive as the airwaves, sought not only to entertain but to provide a platform for indie and underground rock bands through a segment known as Rookie's Chance. Bands like Ockum's Razor, Black Angel, dRIVE, David C. Hopkins, Jennifer Rose, Feargrinder, Deflagration, Siva Addiction, Lipstick Magazine, Moonstruck, and Inhale found an early audience through this program, ensuring that fresh sounds were heard.

W2BR Website in 2010

Skyler's ambition didn't stop there. In 2010, under the new call sign "W2BR" for "We're 2 Brothers Radio," the station underwent a rebranding to become Rock 111 IM The Hits. This era also saw the birth of a sister station, Country 949 The Rebel, catering to millennial country music lovers. The expansion brought in new talent from the Dee Rivers Radio Group, enriching the station's offerings with personalities like Sideshow Sky, XXX Trev, Fat Bastard B, Raging Rasa, J Pimp, Flava Dave, and Magic Matt. These vibrant DJ names became synonymous with Rock 111 IM The Hits, fostering a unique identity that resonated with listeners.

The station's growth allowed the team to cover significant rock festival events, such as Rockstar's Mayhem Festival and Van's Warp Tour, showcasing up to 20 bands in a day. Despite its rising popularity, the financial undercurrent proved challenging. In 2011, a devastating blow came when Skyler lost his job at the Dee Rivers Group, which had been a primary source of funding for the station. Facing financial adversity, Skyler made the tough decision to close the station and move back to his hometown of Ocala, Florida.

Wedding 2014
Skyler & Rasika are wed by Flava Dave

Over the next 13 years, Skyler honed his skills across various fields, including graphic design, audio engineering, videography, photography, website coding, and sales. This period of growth was not just about professional development but also about keeping the flame of his passion for radio alive. During this time he would marry his then girlfriend Rasika (formerly known as Raging Rasa of 2 Bros Radio), and bring into the world two loving children Alexcia and Logan.

Craig Stegall
Craig Stegall of Gastem

His encounter towards the later years with Craig Stegall, drummer for the band Gastem and former syndicated radio personality Bam-Bam of Bam-Bam's Rocklocker on WOBX 98.1 FM, rekindled this passion. Their shared reminiscences of the rock industry at the turn of the century laid the groundwork for the resurrection of Rock 1.11 The Hits.

Today, on April 1st, 2024, Rock 1.11 The Hits officially reopens its digital doors to the world, coinciding with the release of Gastem's second single under Avalon Street Records. This synchronicity is not merely a happy coincidence but a symbol of revival and resurgence. Skyler, now returned as Sideshow Sky, and Craig Stegall, celebrate not just the comeback of Gastem but the rebirth of a station that once captured the hearts of a generation.

Rock 1.11 The Hits invites listeners old and new to join in this celebration of passion reignited. With a lineup that honors its roots in rock and indie music the station is poised to reclaim its place in the hearts of listeners worldwide.

Welcome back, Rock 1.11 The Hits. Welcome back, Sideshow Sky. The airwaves missed your rebellious spirit, and the world is ready to rock once again.

Written by Skyler Salva | Founder/Owner Rock 1.11 The Hits | 4/1/2024

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