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"SON BROKU's Tribute in 'ONE LAST WISH': A Metalcore Ode to Akira Toriyama"

Updated: Apr 11

One Last Wish Album Cover AI Art by SON BROKU
One Last Wish Album Cover

In a heartfelt homage to the late Akira Toriyama, AI song producer SON BROKU released "ONE LAST WISH," an anime metalcore single inspired by the legendary "Dragon Ball Series." The world felt a collective sorrow last month with the passing of Toriyama, the visionary behind one of the most beloved anime series. Amidst the mourning, "ONE LAST WISH" emerged as a beacon of solace and celebration of Toriyama's legacy.

This latest single masterfully blends the intensity of metalcore with the epic storytelling of the "Dragon Ball Series," capturing the spirit and adventure that Toriyama so brilliantly created. SON BROKU's AI-driven production techniques have birthed a track that is not only a musical tribute but also a testament to the enduring impact of Toriyama's work on fans across the globe.

"ONE LAST WISH" offers fans a way to connect with the essence of "Dragon Ball" and the genius of its creator through a powerful, emotional musical experience. It stands as a profound tribute, ensuring Toriyama's legacy continues to inspire and resonate within the hearts of many.

Listen to it on SON BROKU'S featured artist page here:

Written by Skyler Salva | Founder/Owner Rock 1.11 The Hits | 4/6/2024

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