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Gastem's Triumphant Second Release with "Anyway"

In a tale that arcs over decades, marked by a hiatus, individual musical journeys, and a reunion that fans could only dream of, Gastem emerges once more onto the music scene with their second single, "Anyway." This release comes hot on the heels of their first single, "Did You See That Girl?"—a song that signaled their remarkable comeback since the band's dissolution in 1989. The band's resurgence, powered by Avalon Street Records, a Nashville, Tennessee gem, signifies more than just a reunion; it's a revival of the raw, impassioned rock that defined their era.

Left to Right Mark Schenker, Craig Stegall, Rob Galpin, and Mark Emon

The original lineup of Gastem

Rob Galpin (lead vocals/lead guitar), Craig Stegall (drums/vocals), Mark Emon (bassist/vocalist), and Mark Schenker (rhythm guitar/vocalist)—shared their passion for fun with their vibrant music and electrifying performances.

Mark Schenker's journey took a legendary turn when he joined the iconic 80's band Kix in 2002, contributing to their legacy until their final show in September 2023. Meanwhile in November 2023, the band members and loyal fans of Gastem mourned the loss of Mark Emon, whose bass rhythms were foundational to Gastem's sound. With the loss of Emon, the band converted to a trio with Schenker picking up Emon's role as bassist/vocalist.

Cover Album for the release of the single Anyway

"Anyway," set to release on April 1st, 2024, isn't just a single; it's a statement. It embodies the band's journey, the highs and lows, and the unbreakable bond between its members. This song, alongside their earlier release, showcases Gastem's evolved sound—a mix of their signature rock with the maturity that comes from life's unpredictable paths.

Avalon Street Records, recognizing the timeless appeal of Gastem, signed the band, bringing their music back into the spotlight. The partnership has already borne fruit, with "Did You See That Girl?" capturing the hearts of new fans and old. Now, with "Anyway," Gastem is set to solidify their return, proving that real music knows no age or era.

Rock 1.11 The Hits has secured internet broadcast coverage of Gastem's singles, ensuring that fans worldwide can experience the resurgence of a band that once warm the hearts of many fans in Baltimore, Maryland in the 1980's.

In a world where music often fades into the background, Gastem's return is a clarion call to those who believe in the power of rock. "Anyway" is more than a song; it's a celebration of resilience, a nod to the past, and a step into the future. As Gastem reenters the music scene, they're not just revisiting their roots—they're planting new ones, proving that some bonds, like their music, are timeless.

Written by Skyler Salva | Founder/Owner Rock 1.11 The Hits | 4/1/2024

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