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Gastem Unveils "Anyway" Music Video

Updated: Apr 2

Gastem, in collaboration with Avalon Street Records of Nashville, Tennessee, has just dropped the music video for their latest single, "Anyway," offering an electrifying peek into the personalities of band members Rob Galpin, Craig Stegall, and Mark Schenker. This visual feast not only highlights their latest musical journey but also intricately showcases the unique traits of each member.

Rob's magnetic lead guitar and vocals guide the narrative, Craig's dynamic drumming injects vitality, and Mark's rhythm guitar harmonizes the ensemble's energy. Filmed with a keen eye for character and connection, the video mirrors the band's cohesive spirit and individual prowess.

Don't miss out on the journey that re-started it all — make sure to also check out the music video for "Did You See That Girl?" released in February 2024. This heartfelt track was the first produced by Gastem's remaining members after a 35-year hiatus since disbanding in 1989, marking a poignant return to their roots and a new chapter in their musical journey.

Written by Skyler Salva | Founder/Owner Rock 1.11 The Hits | 4/1/2024

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